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Covid19 Update

As a Hotel, the health, wellbeing and safety of our guests and staff is of paramount importance. We want to be able to welcome guests back to an environment where they feel safe and comfortable.  Enjoying your holiday with minimal disruption whilst also ensuring that you and your family are safe is a difficult balance to strike, but we’ve taken some measures that we believe will help to reassure our guests that will be possible. 

In order to minimise contact with staff, you can now check in online prior to arrival using our Fast Check In. This will significantly speed up your arrival at the Hotel and minimise contact with others and waiting time in common areas. In line with the Government protocols we will have also introduced the following measures to keep our Guests safe during their stay with us:

Contact Info

Upon arrival at the Hotel, guests who have not checked in on-line, will be asked to complete a personal form which requests full contact details. This is part of the Greek Government's track and trace protocol and is mandatory. As this requires to be completed for all guests in the party over the age of 12, we would strongly urge our guests to check-in online prior to arrival to avoid having to complete this upon arrival.

Minimising Contact

We have implemented new systems such as online check-in and room charges to minimise the contact that you have with staff on a day to day basis, whilst also enhancing your overall holiday experience. Room and Hotel information is now all available via the Matina Hub on the TV in your room, where you can also directly message our Reception without the need to visit in person. Take away food can be ordered from Meltemi Restaurant and People Bar using their online menu. Physical menus in our restaurants are also now available via a QR code and viewable on your own device. Our Online ordering and free delivery service from abc Supermarket also eradicates the need for guests to visit our onsite Supermarket.

Staff Training

Our staff are trained thoroughly in the latest hygiene protocols. Although they will maintain physical distance from guests, we are delighted to advise that they have been able to continue to offer the same high level of hospitality and service that our guests have come to expect.

Visual Indicators

Along with improved Hotel signage to remind our guests of the measures they themselves should be taking, we have also increased our cleaning levels in all public areas to allow for an ongoing cycle of cleaning to take place at the Hotel. As our homelife has changed and we have adapted to the differences, so will your holiday experience.  However, we will continue to strive to offer our guests the very best holiday experience that is possible, whist continuing to ensure the safest environment in which to enjoy it.   

We will continue to update our guests on new initiatives and systems that the Hotel may implement to ensure their safety whilst staying true to the holiday experience that we have always offered.

Matina Aparthotel

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